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SCUF Infinity 4PS Fury

USD 250.00
ZAR 3499.00

2 Infinity Paddles / Black Regular Left Domed Stick / Black Regular Right Domed Stick / Blackout Buttons / Infinity 4PS Rings - Black / Quick Shift Trigger Stops + Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism / Black Military Grade SCUF Grip

In Stock, Includes FREE Shipping - Dispatched Within 1 Day


  • 2 Infinity Paddles X (left paddle) and O (right paddle)
  • Black Regular Left Domed Stick / Black Regular Right Domed Stick
  • Infinity 4PS Rings - Black
  • Blackout Buttons
  • Quick Shift Trigger Stops + Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism
  • Black Military Grade SCUF Grip

SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Paddle Control System

Determining factor for elite gamers, allowing players to keep their thumbs on thumbsticks while using the back paddles to perform advanced moves

The Infinity4PS PRO paddles are easy to reach, include grip and grooves to provide a secure hold for fingertips

Infinity4PS PRO Switches

Switches layered with gold on circuits and new switches provide increased activation longevity Improved haptic feedback with every click of the paddle

Quick Shift Trigger Stops 

Quick Shift Trigger Stops enable the user to activate various activation points on the trigger stop

Reduction of unnecessary trigger movement past activation point

SCUF Key (0.9 mm) is utilized for easy adjustments

Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism

Enables the user to mechanically tune the tension and position of the trigger to locate the trigger’s ‘sweet spot’ for different types of games

Reduces unnecessary trigger latency before activation point

SCUF Key (0.9 mm) is utilized for easy adjustments

Interchangeable Thumbstick Control Area

Change thumbsticks in seconds with the Infinity Ring and Lock system

NEW SCUF thumbsticks for Infinity4PS use proprietary materials and come in regular and tall sizes, domed and concave styles.

Infinity Ring and Lock System

Fully removable and customizable, the SCUF Infinity Lock ensures a secure thumbstick

Use of self-lubricating material on the ring, ensures your thumbstick glides seamlessly

Military Grade SCUF Grip

SCUF Grip is similar to grip used to coat weaponry and other military equipment

Its textured, non-slip surface is great for extended hours of gameplay


Every new SCUF comes with a 90 day warranty, which starts from the day of delivery. 

USD 250.00
ZAR 3499.00