Ticketmaster is the No.1 destination for tickets for live events. New events are added daily, so there’s always a fresh and exciting reason to keep coming back. Whether you’re looking for your own spine-tingling encore or an unforgettable gift for a loved one, a Ticketmaster Gift Card is your ticket to memories that will last a lifetime. Visit to see what fantastic events are currently available.

Gift cards can be used to buy tickets and other products online at When booking, please enter the 16 digit card number ( first 16 digits of the PIN) and the 3 digit security code (3 digits after the #) when prompted during the transaction process.

Ticketmaster eGift Card Terms and Conditions

Our full e-Gift Card terms and conditions are available online at Key points to note:

1. Ticketmaster e-Gift Cards can be used to buy eligible tickets and associated products for events in South Africa, online at 

2. e-Gift Cards are activated at the time of purchase and expire 36 months after activation. Once the e-Gift Card has expired any remaining balance will no longer be available to use.

3. Treat the e-Gift Card like cash - if lost or stolen the balance of funds on the card will be lost.

4. The balance of an e-Gift card can be checked online via our balance checker.

Product is non-returnable.


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How soon will I receive my digital code/voucher?

Credit card or Secure Instant EFT payments receive the code/voucher instantly after checkout. EFT or Bank Deposit are released once your payment confirmation from your BANK is forwarded to

Please Note: New customers may have a delay in delivery, until their order is verified.

How will I receive my code?

Codes are sent via email and also stored in account history.

What is the delivery cost when purchasing Hardware products?

I don't have a credit card; can I still place an order?

Yes, besides credit cards we accept EFT and direct bank deposits are also accepted.

Read our FAQ for more info.

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